Meet Our Exhibitors

Steven Blake (Explainedwell)

Steven BlakeSteven learnt to read at the age of two and has been studying ever since.

His main skills are the ability to absorb complex skills and data, find connections and remove the unnecessary padding, so that he can explain his findings simply to others and make practical use to assist them in finding health and happiness.

His ability to problem solve and find the core issue became apparent by the age of 19, where, still as an apprentice, he was regularly sent to any problem job where several of the time served professionals had failed to solve the issue, never to fail any of these tasks!

He was Senior Lecturer and head of training at Boston College for business start up and development. He helped over 700 people start and develop their own businesses often from just their initial vague idea. During that time he had to develop methods of enabling people to learn fairly complex ideas such as sales, marketing and financial implications.

Following 5 years as a Weight Loss Consultant and with a commitment to help people to the best of his abilities he undertook training and was awarded a certificate in Hypnotherapy and became an NLP Master Practitioner. His ability to quickly analyse the core problem and help the client understand and resolve their major issue, keeps him at the cutting edge of providing fast, effective and affordable treatment.

He helps people with almost any problem where their unconscious actions and conscious processes are not coordinated and has particular interests and experience in weight loss and any issue where an individual's thoughts are causing problems.

Steven combines the skills he has to provide a flexible and individual service tailored to your needs and to maximise practical results.