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Ros Coleman

Ros Coleman

Ros was born a natural medium into a cultural environment of denial, a star child landing on Earth in her new baby body. She travelled the universe in her imagination, saw an angel, played in nature and saw shining lights around plants, people and animals.

For 25 years she taught people computing skills. What fascinated her was how to making learning computers FUN. For 15 years she travelled the corporate world doing just that. She loved every second and in 1992 she started her own training company, which she called DesignIT.

In 2000, realising she would not be teaching computing skills for ever, she studied, qualified and practised Sports Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching, NLP, Stress Management, Kinesiology and Reiki. Reiki was eye-opening - literally 3rd eye opening. Having exercised the left part of her brain for so long, the right side was ready to come out and play.

Over three Earth years, beautiful spirit beings taught her to be a psychic artist. They helped her develop her intuition and inner senses and to understand her imagination. Through these skills she learned to work with them to help others.

For seven tough but rewarding years she toured Mind, Body and Spirit shows throughout the UK painting portraits of spirit guides and giving readings for healers, psychics, mediums, coaches and others on their own spiritual quests. She gave talks and demonstrations of psychic art for spiritual centres and groups and taught classes in psychic art, so to connect people all over the world with their spiritual guides and help them to recognise and develop their intuition and creative skills.

She has now developed her psychic art course The Art of Creative Consciousness so that it is available for anyone, anywhere in the world. It is a channel through which you may learn the skills that were taught to her by her spirit guides and teachers. She promises you will love it - you will learn, you will grow and you will have fun at the same time.

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