Meet Our Exhibitors

Robert Hawk

Robert HawkMy name is Robert Hawk, I live and work as Shaman, Healer, Teacher and Guide. I am also an Artist and meditation teacher.

I provide my clients with a variety of Shamanic healing methods and I teach Shamanic healing and Personal Freedom systems.

I started my spiritual journey almost 44 years ago. I spent the first 30 years of my life growing up in a non-free world and fighting for freedom. When the oppressive regime was destroyed I started to work in sales. Alternative things, mystical and magical area was always my main interest. I was fascinated by that but never believed I could do it. I believed I would never be able to do something incredible.

When I returned to England 12 years ago, all of a sudden I started doing all these things I could not do before. I learned to heal with Reiki and about Aura Soma and Astrology - I started to learn about Shamanism late 2003 without knowing I was learning Shamanism. Back In 2005 I decided this must take me somewhere I was only dreaming about before.

Now I heal people and I love teaching other human beings how to heal so the whole Planet and all inhabitants could be healed and become Free to be Who We Really Are.