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Kristy Hodges (Serendipity Crystals)

Kristy HodgesKristy was born in California in 1972, but spent a lifetime growing up in overseas countries and travelling the world and now lives in Yorkshire.

She first 'felt' the energetic impact of a crystal in 1990. It was Moldavite and the flush sent her out of her mind!

Kristy offers unusual, beautiful gemstones, crystals, jewellery and spiritual artwork alongside counselling, spiritual development, personal development and empowering readings.

Each crystal and piece of jewellery is hand-selected for its quality and energy - nothing is purchased in bulk. She has an excellent eye for one-off, unique pieces and is a stickler for the best quality/colour/energy.

Alongside the amazing crystals is a selection of Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold jewellery. She supports 'Made in England' jewellery, highlighting different UK designers and craftspeople throughout the year rather than importing from outside the UK when she can. There is a regular turnover of new and interesting designs both online and on the stand at events.

Kristy also creates unusual one-off canvas paintings imbued with crystal and colour therapy and will support or promote other, select artists when possible. She offers one-to-one readings, spiritual and personal development, crystal healing thearpy and runs a development group in Sheffield during Autumn/Winter.

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