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Kevin Doe

Kevin DoeKevin is a Psychic Intuitive, Aura Imagery Specialist (static & Live Video), Spiritualist, Healer, Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Live Presenter, and Background Actor in TV/Film. He also specialises in UFO Paranormal and the unknown.

Kevin has spent the last 12 years interacting with the general public in the top Mind Body & Soul Exhibitions around the country. A co-presenter in Tony Stockwell's show "The Angel Experience Live". He gives regular talks and demonstrations to both large and small crowds and loves it. He has a zest for life and enjoys new challenges.

Kevin's hobbies include Sci-Fi Collector, Motor Sport and exploring the Historic Culture of other Countrys. He loves thinking on his feet and the challenge of working in the moment.

  • Natural Clairvoyant, Psychic Reader Intuitive.
  • Trained with Val Hood & Tony Stockwell in person for mediumship.
  • Aura Imaging Specialist
  • Supplier, Distributor, Photographer & Reader

Kevin visited New York 15 months before the Twin Towers event and whilst standing at the top of Tower 1, he predicted their collapse on September 11th.

He remote viewed a plain crash whilst asleep in bed, only to find out two hours later that it had indeed happened. It was a Swiss Air flight that had hit the top of a mountain in a severe snow storm. All were killed.

Aura Interpretations

Aura interpretations are one of the leading companies in the UK offering the latest aura photographic & Live aura systems available today, not only do they offer you the best equipment, it comes with the added advantage of over 30+ years of research & development. Their readers are simply the best with many, many years of experience at both a personal and professional level. They have attended most of the best MBS shows in the country.

Kevin has exhibited at:

  • Cedric Ford Pavilion, Newark - Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th February, 2017

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