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Johanna Claritee

Johanna ClariteeJohanna was born in Germany. At the age of 22 she moved to West Yorkshire, England.

On the outer level she worked in a great variety of fields. She was employed as a machine operator in a factory, as a cashier in a bank, as a checkout operator in a supermarket and as a translator in the manufacturing industry.

After working for 6 years she continued her education and studied Chemistry achieving a first class Honours Degree in Chemistry and then a PhD in Organic Chemistry. Subsequently she worked for 2 years in a large Pharmaceutical Company in Germany. After returning to England she enrolled in a Postgraduate Teacher Training course.

She obtained a PGCE to teach chemistry at Secondary level. Afterwards she taught for seven years Chemistry, Science and German at a large Comprehensive School. After the birth of her second daughter she resigned as a teacher at the Comprehensive school and started teaching part-time at a small Montessori School, which her older daughter attended. Alongside she trained and worked as a counsellor.

On becoming a mother her main focus became both her role as a mother and her perceived need to address the turmoil and limitations of her life, something she had grappled with since her teens. She developed an intense yearning for moving past her huge limitations and finding greater meaning, clarity and awareness.

Her search for answers and solutions a) lead to discovering methods for achieving this and b) resulted in the development of the techniques and the expertise, which are offered in the book "Change Your Mind" and in her workshops, consultations, talks and courses. At the same time she discovered ways of accessing and intimately connecting with her Essence, the source of peace, joy and clarity.

Using those methods has brought her from a place of immense limitations, low self-esteem, insecurities, restlessness and lack of meaning to a life filled with purpose, ease, a sense of worth and breathtaking freedom. The use of those techniques immensely increased her understanding and clarity and brought profound peace of mind. It has been and is her great passion to promote empowerment and increased awareness and to make available to others that which has helped her so enormously.