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Forever Living Products

Sue and Christina, Forever Living ProductsSue and Christina have been working under the umbrella of Forever Living Products since 2007 and have built an amazing business which provides them with 2 five star holidays a year, an annual Chairmans bonus cheque which in 2015 was $15,600 and a substantial monthly income. This opportunity is available for anyone who is prepared to learn some new skills and then consistently work the business cycle.

The business is all built mainly around aloe vera and bee hive products and touches the personal care, health and wellness, fitness and weight management, beauty & cosmetics and animal and home markets.

Forever's Aloe Vera is one of the purest available and they avoid pasteurisation, freeze drying and heating ensuring the aloe retails its beneficial properties. Forever also have over 50 million plants helping to cleanse the earth of over 2 million tons of CO2 every year.

Not tested on animals, Forever's range of premium products are a testament to natures capacity to help us look and feel our best.