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Alison Clews

Alison ClewsAlison's spiritual journey started around 2003 (although she was always interested in things like astrology and crystals as a youngster) when she went into a bookshop and bought 2 books by Doreen Virtue.

This started her on a path of finding out all sorts about herself, angels and the Universe.

She has always been creative, being a Gemini, and finds herself at her happiest whilst working with her hands.

After getting into more and more photography, she got an angel drawing done by Richard Keogh, the Angelman. She felt that she made a connection with this wonderful Angel and this in turn allowed her creativity to flourish and in June 2011 she produced her first phase of Creative Artwork.

Combining her spirituality with her creativity has resulted in her being woken up in the middle of the night with a calling to create her amazing, channelled Creative Artwork.

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