For Exhibitors Only

Being a Moonlit Pathways exhibitor

Before becoming a Moonlit Pathways exhibitor please read the following which we hope gives a insight into being an exhibitor at our events.

Why Moonlit Pathways?

Moonlit Pathways started life in 2015 with Annmarie Webster continuing where BSSK left off. She hopes to cement Moonlit Pathways as a key provider of quality, enjoyable events. Ones that exhibitors find both enjoyable and profitable and ones that the public look out for and await eagerly.

What are Moonlit Pathway's objectives?

  • To be known for the quality of our exhibitors and their high standards of professionalism in their particular area.
  • To maintain a good balance of exhibitors, with no over-representation in any one particular area.
  • All stand fees, after venue hire and associated costs to be invested in promotion of the event, thus enabling promotion to be extensive and wide-ranging.
  • To provide a professional service to exhibitors. We see the exhibitor as our customer, just as much if not more so than the visitor to the event. We hope to provide a good level of customer service to our exhibitors, so that taking part in a Moonlit Pathways Event is as easy and stress free as possible.
  • To use quality locations, chosen with good parking if possible, with good facilities for talks and demonstrations and with disabled access and facilities.
  • To try and choose venues and dates that will not impact unfavourably on other local promoters organising events favoured by our exhibitors.
  • To encourage visitor feedback about the event so that improvements may be made. To encourage visitor feedback for Readers and Therapists, so that they too may make improvements to their service and learn and grow from it.
  • To strive to maintain a friendly atmosphere and good energies within every event.