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Everything you need to become a Moonlit Pathways exhibitor can now be found on our documentation page.
Before submitting a booking form, please e-mail or phone to check availability

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Before you book

Please take time to read the documentation, particularly the 'Cancellation' document so you are aware of the obligations of booking. Obviously the 'Reader Feedback' and 'Reader Code of Conduct' are only of interest to readers, and likewise the 'Therapist Feedback' document will only be of interest to therapists.

As you may know, we limit the number of stands in certain categories and bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis until the category is full, so if you are in one of the popular categories, such as crystal stand, jewellery stand, reader, aura camera, branded product such as Forever Living, NYR or Bioflow etc, please book early.

What's new?

We have introduced some new stand configurations this year, to reflect exhibitor requirements. Multiple tables are calculated to the following formula - where a mix of stand types is required, the highest fee applies to the first table, and half the lower fee to the second. So for example, a reader/retail two table stand attracts a full reader rate and half the therapy rate for the second space. This is now standardised across all stand configurations. Where second tables of the same type are required, double retail for example, the second table is charged at half price.

We have added some new categories too. The Author stand rate is one new addition. Authors add an extra dimension to a show, but with only one or two books to sell, usually fall by the wayside after a show or two. We are still offering our Author Table arrangement, but with new limits, so a special category now exists for authors to book additional shows.

Another new category is the Craft Trade Stand. The thinking behind this is as follows: During the dreadful few years of recession, many trade stands have disappeared. We get heaps of enquiries from small, one man band crafters, who simply cannot or will not take the plunge at our rates. We are anxious to attract different trade stands that complement our Mind, Body & Spirit subject and many of these would do so.

If we got a wider range of stands again, it would mean we can be even more selective and not duplicate too much on our crystals, jewellery and mixed gift type stands. Even though I need to fill a show so it is attractive to visitors, I turn so very many of these away to preserve market share for exhibitors. It is great to get an enquiry for something unusual, different, and as it is hand crafted, unique, but these often fall at the first hurdle of price and fail to convert it to a booking.

We are convinced having some of these little crafters on-board will create a better visitor experience and give some new blood and excitement to the show. We have therefore introduced a new stand type to attract this. It is for a single table only, no doubles, and must be at least 90% crafted goods made by the exhibitor, not brought in crafts. 10% may be complementary items, but no more than that. The subject matter also has to have a connection to MBS. Some of our existing people will fall into this category too, and this may help them book more shows.

Smaller shows

Some of our new shows are a little smaller than usual, a good move we think, in this current economy. We will be reducing numbers in every category, so less reader slots, crystal and jewellery slots available to ensure a good balance of stands - don't miss out! Last year when we released the booking pack, Newark, Elsecar and Manchester were full in a matter of weeks. We have had subsequent cancellations this year, which has enabled us to accommodate some of those on the waiting list, but please do book early to avoid disappointment.


Please note that bookings are only accepted on booking forms received. In no circumstances do we 'assume' you wish to book, even if you are a long standing exhibitor or have already mentioned it. We must receive your forms please, to avoid any confusion at a later date. These may be completed and e-mailed for speed if you wish. Please do read the terms and conditions, particularly about cancellation charges, as this forms the basis of our contract with you.

When filling out your forms you will note there are different price bands. This is solely due to the differences in overheads of some events. Please look at the stand configuration list carefully to make sure the stand booked meets your needs.

In order to book, you need to complete and return:

  • Booking form
  • Show Guide / Website entry form
  • Deposit - individual or rolling deposit
  • Copy of Insurance and PAT Test Certificate - (these can be 'to follow', don't delay your booking for them).