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Once upon a time...

...in a town very like this one, a tribe of magical faerie folk lived, worked and played in the Kingdom of Narwhalia (which is pronounced Nar-wall-e-a).

The Eight Crystal Trees of Narwahlia

Within Narwahlia there are 8 sacred, crystal trees, each of which has its own special planting day celebration, much like the birthday parties human children have.

The Tree of Emotions (light pink)
The Tree of Good Fortune (deep pink)
The Tree of Clear Thinking (pale blue)
The Tree of Calm (dark blue)
The Tree of Communication (purple)
The Tree of Light (clear)
The Tree of Dreams (green)
The Tree of Clear Direction (grey/white)

On a very dark night...

...so dark you could not see your hand if you held it up in front of you, a band of naughty elves magically moved all of the trees and hid them here in this room.

Can you help the faeries of Narwahlia find them all again, so they may be returned to their rightful places?

Everyone who helps gets a prize from the Faerie Treasure table for their efforts.